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Growquest... Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid!!

I am just fit to be tied. Can I just tell you how terrible Chris is... I bought a Buddha hand. He called me EVERYTHING but a child of nature. Accused me trying to skirt around his policies... says he has three locations but will not ship from them. Tried to turn me in to the USDA... I am not a nursery... just little old me. Told me I would have the tree in 48 hours TWICE! Will not issue a refund and told me to take it up with my CC company. This has got to be illegal. Someone needs to shut him down. THIEF, Charleton, Curmudgeon! This is going to get legal!! And YES I have documentation.

If you have been ripped off by Chris Gilcrest under any of his company names, contact the Ventura County District Attorney and fill out a written report with any supporting documentation you have. Contact Catherine Mano 805-662-1703 with the DA's office to add a complaint to this case. Case Nbr 9:10-BK-16202-RR. Also be care as this company is also doing business under the names. That's what I'm doing. They need as much as possible to arrest this guy (again) and indict him (again). Maybe this time they can put him away for a while.

Intuit and PayPal Has closed his account due to massive customer complaint. Paypal won't do business with him as they have a money back guarantee if you don't get your merchandise and I'm sure they had to pay out big bucks for his fraud."

Chris Gilcrest of Growquest Growers is a FRAUD!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I would LOOOOVVVVEEE to have the DA info when available. He is a thief and needs to be stopped. PLEASE keep us posted.


AKA, He took my money and wont give me a refund

I have lost money with this guy. Him and I email back and forth today, but he has no idea who I am. He cant even find me in his database. What kind of book keeping do you have. He promised me a refund, then never sends it. I have done some research online about Chris Gilcrest.

Up to your old tricks again with a new name (Growquest Gardens) . It wont work.

Please note that this guy Chris Gilcrest does not own these trees. He failed to state this in his videos now under another name called Growquest Gardens. His company name for the record is and growquest growers and you can google what he has to offer. This company is a broker for a few nurseries. Many nurseries wont do business with him. He only owns a hand full of plants and trees not more than 5-10 gallons each. Do some research on Chris Gilcrest and you will in fact know. Please see the you tube video with an undercover hidden camera to show his operation. Its all online. He works in a garage with a worker, with no insurance either, which he fails to pay. The Labor board commission knows about this.

Shame on you. I thought you would know better and even learn from your past mistakes. If you really want to know about his operations, go by the addresses that he has posted online. There is no garden or nursery there at all.

He has many angry past customers and current ones will just be added to his list.

Best part of all, the Ventura county DA office is investigating Chris Gilcrest. I plan to give them a call to file a claim.


When you post things online, WOW, do this guy get mad. He will email and call you night and day, but will not refund your money. Like no tomorrow. I like the write up from cjr on Dave's garden. Did you see it? OMG, it was great to read. This guy went off. At least he posted facts. Chris Gilcrest, 49 years of age from Lancaster and Santa Paula, CA has been scamming people for years since 1993. He has no real home or any true assets. He lives off of OPM.

Research him you will find over 5,000 pages of negative things about him. You will also find a criminal record that he has as recent as 2008.

He has moved all over the place and was forced to move out of Tulare county as he has a $25,000 judgement against him.

Other Growquest victims can contact the Ventura DA - (805) 654-3110 - to add information for their fraud investigation of Growquest & Chris Gilcrest.

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